[写真]  "Organization of Advanced Sustainability Initiative for Energy System/Materials"; OASIS is a unique and specialized new organization of Muroran Institute of Technology. OASIS was established March 2010 with the purpose on “R & D of Energy System Materials for Environmental Conscious Society for 21st Century and the Beyond”, where contribution to education and research are aiming to accelerate human resource development and advanced energy system material development. The OASIS activities are strictly standing on clear and realistic goal within visible time range.
 "Facility for Energy and Environmental Material Assessment"; FEEMA construction was started one year before the establishment of OASIS. Based on the FEEMA activity since March 2009, FEEMA Project was proposed and approved as one of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, JAPAN (MEXT) program; “Promotion of Advanced R & D Facility Utilization”, which is to enforce National universities’ service to industries and society. The title of the FEEMA project is “Advanced Materials R & D by Means of Complex and Ultimate Environmental Effect Evaluation Methodology”, since late 2009. As the core of the FEEMA project, “Complex and Ultimate Environmental Effect Evaluation Methodology” and “Small Specimen Test Technology” are provided to the project applicants (users), not only for the domestic needs but also for the worldwide requests contributing advanced materials R & D for advanced and extremely severe environments. This project has been contributing to human resource development, mainly for science and technology areas, starting from Hokkaido/Tohoku regional human supply to the domestic/international one.
 From FY2013, the second phase of this activity has been started under the new program name; “Promotion of Advanced R & D Facility Utilization and Platform Initiation”. To start the new program, FEEMA program was strengthened facility wise by special funding for introducing two new facilities. The one is the replacement of Nano Indentation Machine to the most advanced Ultra-Micro Hardness Testing System. The other is a unique process facility of “CVI continuous furnace for ceramics fibers coating”. Those new machines installed in OASIS-West and OASIS-North after renewal of the research buildings will strengthen the attractiveness of FEEMA project .

May 1, 2014

Akira Kohyama (Profile)
Director General,
Organization of Advanced Sustainability Initiative for Energy and Materials (OASIS)
Muroran Institute of Technology
Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University