Representing Equipments

Equipment Group Device name Specification
For Complex/Ultimate Environmental Effects Evaluation Environmental Tolerance Test System under High-Temperature and High-Pressure Water ・Hight:4.3m
・Water temperature: RT〜250℃
・Pressure range :Atmospheric Pressure〜3MPa
・Volume of flowing:3000mL/min
Warm Isostatic Pressing Machine(WIP) ・Max. temp. : 200℃
・Max. pressure: 17MPa
Slow Strain Rate Miniature Testing Machine ・Crosshead travel : 25.4mm
・Displace measurement accuracy:1μm
・Load cell capacity : 5kN
Mechanical Property Evaluation System under Sub/Super-Critical Water Environment ・Max. pressure: 8.8MPa
・Max. water temperature:300℃
Nano Indenter ・minimum load : 30nN
・maximum load : 2N
・High temperature stage up to 600℃
・SPM imaging, scratch testing, abrasion testing, continuous viscoelastic measurement
Nano Indenter ・Akashi
・Min. load:0.1 mN
Thermal profile measurement system ・JENOPTIK,IR-TCM384
・Resolution:384×288 pixel (768×576 RE Mode)
・Thermal measurement range:-40℃〜2000℃
・Measurement accuracy:±1.5 K (0℃〜100℃) or ±2 K (±2%)
Hermeticity evaluation equipment ・ULVAC,HELIOT 711W1
・Sensitivity (768×576 RE Mode)
Micro Impact Testing
Device (Drop tower)
・Liq. N〜room temp.
・Specimen geometry::1.0×1.0×20mm, with U/V notch
・Adjustable impact velocity
Miniature tensile
testing machine
・room temp.〜100℃
・load cell:10N
・simulated fuel cell environmental test capability
Universal Testing Machine ・Shimadzu, AG-50kNG, 50kN
Micro tensile testing machine ・Room temp.
・Load cell capacity:1 N
・Fiber tensile test etc.
High Temperature Creep Tester ・Temperature : 〜700℃
Cluster for Material Analysis Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) ・JEOL JEM2000FX
・Energy Dispersive x-ray Spectrometer
・Electron Energy-Loss Spectrometer
・digital image capturing system
Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope (FE-TEM) ・JEOL JEM2100F
・Resolution:0.23nm(particle image) ,0.10nm(lattice image)
・Max. accelerating voltage:200kV
・Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope & Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy ,CCD & film shot
Focused Ion Beam
Processing Device(FIB)
・SII SMI3050
・5〜30kV (5kV step)
・resolution : 4nm@30kV(secondary electron image)
・max current density : 30A/cm2
Scanning Electron
・resolution : 3 nm(secondary electron image)
・accelerating : 0.2 〜40 kV
Field Emission Scanning
Electron Microscope
・accelerating voltage : 0.5〜30kV
・resolution : 0.4nm
・Energy Dispersive x-ray Spectrometer
・Back Scattering Electron image detector
Surface precision etching system ・The Kaufman type ion gun (Ar)
・Accelerating voltage:150〜1000 V
Non-contact surface shape precision measurement system ・Confocal optical system by the pinhole
・IR laser
・Pulse-height resolution:5 nm (Max. difference of elevation 7 mm)
Surface condition precision analysis system ・2D , 3D & roughness measurement between two arbitrary points
・Three dimensional display of images
・Difference measurement on the arbitrary images
・Image linking (above-mentioned analysis possible)
Oxygen/Nitrogen Combustion Analyzer (EMGA) ・EMGA 550
・Sample weight 30〜50mg (Max.100mg)
・Range O:0〜60wt%、N:0〜60wt%
Carbon/Sulfur Combustion Analyzer (EMIA) ・EMIA 510
・Sample weight 1.0g (Standard)
・Range C:0〜5wt%、S:0〜1wt%
Cluster for Material Processing Hot Press ・load : 50kN
・temperature : 〜1900℃
Nano-scale green ceramic film production line (Prototype) ・Film thickness : 0.1〜5mm
・Max. film width : 25mm
・Production rate: 0.01〜1m/min
Hot Isostatic Pressing Machine(HIP) ・Max. Temeperature:2000℃
・Max. pressure:200MPa
Very-High Temperature Furnace with Environmental Control System ・Max temperature:1100℃
・Environments; Ar, Vac.
Micro Pick-up ・greatest dimension : φ32mm
・ceramics , metal
Electrolytic Polisher ・single jet
High Vacuum Furnace with Gas Analysis Capability ・Max. temperature:1100℃
Ion Milling System ・accelerating voltage : 3kV
CVI continuous furnace ・Temp.:〜2000℃
・Atmospheric gas:CH4, MTS, H2+SiCl4, H2, Ar