Scheduled acceptance of new applications will be twice a year, at spring and autumn. However, upon urgency or importance, appropriate application may be accepted anytime.

The selection committee is responsible to select the subject (application approved).


1) Category 1 (standard) subject
is accepted for one unit length (one unit length is one year), where basic/discount user cost should be paid. One unit length extension of the subject may be approved upon applicant’s request and committee’s approval. Extended new application, under the new subject name, may be approved after the successful landing of the subject.

2) Category 2 (trial usage) subject - free of charge
will be approved flexible on time and on contents upon FEEMA capability and capacity. Category 2 subject will be concluded at the end of the Japanese fiscal year, but can be extended another one unit length upon necessity.


For those who would like to apply for our program, please download the appropriate application form from the link below. Complete the form and send it to us via E-mail. The applicant will be notified by E-mail of our decision on the application. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office below.

FEEMA Project Office
OASIS, Muroran Institute of Technology
27-1 Mizumoto, Muroran, Hokkaido 050-8585 JAPAN
Phone: +81-143-46-5657, Fax: +81-143-46-5681
TEL : 0143-46-5657  Fax : 0143-46-5681
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