OASIS Special Lecture The Future of Advanced Materials and System Research to keep Environment and Energy

Date: Feb.28, 2014
Place: TKP GardenCity Sapporo Kyosai Salon "ASUKA"

OASIS special lecture meeting was held. A special lecture of current state of the activity in "K computer" of a state-of-the-art super computer in the world and "Energy environment research and human resources development in the region" was given, and it became a very meaningful lecture meeting. In addition, it was significant as the chance to do the status report of the SCARLET plan, the INSPIRE plan, and the SIRIUS plan.

Opening Address Mr. M.Seki
(Board Chairman,RIST)
Mr. K.Abe
(Chief,Laboratory for Energy,Environment and Systems,Hachinohe University)
DG. A.Kohyama
Assoc Prof. H.Kishimoto
(Muroran Institute of Technology)
Dr. N.Nakazato
Assoc Prof. J.S.Parc
(Muroran Institute of Technology)
in the Hall.