FIAT plan lecture - Practicality evaluation of accident tolerant fuel that aims at enhanced safety of nuclear power? - / The 2nd committee of the ATF feasibility study workshop

Date: Nov.8, 2014
Place:Muroran Institute of Technology Y203

The lecture meeting related to the FIAT plan to aim at the enhanced safety of nuclear power was held.
An international approach to improve the safety of nuclear power generation was introduced through the discussion of the lecture meeting and the specialist who had invited a typical domestic and foreign researcher including the Dr. Vitanza who is the person in charge of OECD of the Harden nuclear reactor project and Narabayashi professor at Hokkaido University who was the chairman of the maintenance society.
Many people including the high school student and the university student came, and it was able to know research and development activities of OASIS.

Opening Address Prof. T.Narabayashi
(Hokkaido University)
Mr. C.Vitanza
DG. A.Kohyama
Mr. Y.Minagawa
Panel discussion about the ATF 1
Panel discussion about the ATF 2 Closing Address