OASIS open lecture - Let's see into the world of the Nobel Prize in Physics. -

Date: Nov.8, 2014
Place:Muroran Institute of Technology Y203

OASIS commemorated Nobel Prize in Physics winning a prize of Japanese researchers, explained what an elemental particle is and held the open lecture for the general public which introduce how to be applied to our life.
Famous teachers and researchers of Osaka University, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency Takasaki quantum application laboratory as well as Muroran Institute of Technology explained clearly.
We provided the chance to know the OASIS/FEEMA plan for more people with doing the open campus of OASIS, and use and the introduction of the thing of study results of the staff who is actually taking charge of research and development activities with OASIS/FEEMA simultaneously with this lecture meeting.

in the Hall. Opening Address
Assoc Prof. M.Aoki
(Osaka University)
Eng. S.Makimura
Assoc Prof. H.Kishimoto
(Muroran Institute of Technology)
Dr. S.Matoba