Muroran Institute of Technology advanced research lecture meeting - Environment・Energy・Materials -

Date: Nov.9, 2014
Place:Houraiden Muroran

A joint lecture meeting of the environmental harmony material science center in Muroran Institute of Technology and OASIS was held.
It introduced even the research of the practical engineering related from the pedestal physics to the environment and energy problems including the elementary particle said the invitation of famous researchers from not only OASIS but also High Energy Accelerator Research Organization and Osaka University, and clarification from the root of the atom to general people like being comprehensible.
Various people in Muroran and the Noboribetsu region came to the lecture meeting though it was holiday.

in the Hall. Opening Address
Assoc Prof. M.Aoki
(Osaka University)
Specially Appointed Prof. E.Nakamura
(Muroran Institute of Technology)
Prof. S.Matsuo
(Osaka University)
Question and Answer
Assoc Prof. J.S.Parc
(Muroran Institute of Technology)
Assoc Prof. H.Kishimoto
(Muroran Institute of Technology)
Eng. S.Makimura
Closing Address